Friday, June 24, 2016


Have you ever felt like you had no direction? How does that feel to you? Are you calm during those times or do you feel like you're about to lose your mind? Well let me tell you something!!!! I do not handle no direction well!!!! I have been through months of that and it's no good for me. I know full well that God wants us to trust Him in both good times and bad. But the bad times can feel so real to you that you truly don't see the way out. What do you do, no really, what do you do during those times when you see no way out? Unfortunately, I chose to be angry, allowing it to effect me physically, emotionally and mentally. Have you ever done that? Knowing that God has your back always? I know that God looks down on us sometimes and just shakes His head in disappointment. "When are you going to trust me fully?", He says. That's the big million-dollar question, isn't it? When are we going to learn to trust God fully? He is Alpha and Omega!!!! He knows our beginning and our end!!!! The problem is that we don't know, and it can frustrate us sometimes!!!! But thank God for even a mustard seed of faith, if any at all!!!! I was literally hanging on to that mustard seed of faith with what felt like my very life, but was it really that serious? No it wasn't!!!! We just simply need to stop tripping once and for all!!!! GOD HAS YOUR BACK EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T SEE IT!!!! NO REALLY, HE DOES!!!! STOP TRIPPING!!!!