Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was watching the COGIC Holy Convocation online last night. T.D. Jakes was the speaker. At one point in his message, he was talking about a walk on the beach with his son. His son was encouraging him to jump in the waves. He wasn't feeling it at first, but then it caught on for him like wildfire. He was saying that's how God works--he sends waves for us to jump in and go for the ride. I can imagine a surfer who starts off lying flat on top of the surfboard, paddling and waiting. Then, when the wave comes, the surfer stands up on the top of the surfboard and rides it out.

That's how it's been for these last 3 weeks. I started this blog on October 20th, and I started setting up for the radio show on October 27th. Everything has been going so smooth that it almost seems unreal. Before 3 weeks ago, I wasn't thinking about a blog or radio show. I just wasn't. This was definitely God all over it--I cannot even try to take credit for this. So catch a wave everyone! They come way too often to pass up.

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