Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is the poem that I just read on the air moments ago on my radio show. This was in honor of Dr. Rose Rios, founder of Cover the Homeless ministry. The link to her ministry website is in my blog list to check out for information. Much love to you, Dr. Rose. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Take care and God bless.


Children listen up as I tell my story
Because all you see now is nothing but the glory

As I wave my hanky and sit on the front row
That’s not telling you the way you ought to go

Because I know where you’ve been, that’s no lie
I had my own seasons where I had to cry

I been through hard times, thick and thin
But with God’s help, I saw them through to the end

You see me in my St. John suit, looking ever so good
But do you know that I was once from the hood

No, you wouldn’t know that because all that you see
Is my Mercedes Benz and not me

What I want to tell you is to please not fret
Because God is not even through with you yet

I know that you been through a lot of heartache and pain
But it is all worth what you will gain

I started out life in the deep dark south
Barely surviving, living hand to mouth

My father always dreamed of a better life
Without all of the trouble and strife

He worked for Boss Man with all his might
Picking cotton every morning, noon and night

When I was a child, education was not cheap
I had to go out into the fields and earn my keep

We didn’t have a say in our way of life
The hurt was deep because it cut like a knife

One day, my father’s dream finally came true
We moved to California and felt like we were born anew

It was a different experience unlike no other
For once, we were not shunned because of color

Despite certain challenges with my education
My parents made me feel like I could face the nation

Then it happened, one fateful afternoon
I became a woman way too soon

The end result was that a life was lost
But that was not even half of the cost

Then he came, the love of my life
I knew that one day, I would become his wife

When we were together, it seemed endless at will
It was as if time just stood still

But then it happened, without any warning at all
Life as I knew it came to a halt

My precious other half lost his life
Leaving behind a unborn baby and a young wife

From then on, life went downhill
Everything that came my way was like a bitter pill

Men in my life that did all they could
To not treat me like the queen that they should

Out of desperation and of fear
I took a job that was beneath everything that was dear

Shaking what God gave me in front of countless men
I was sinking deeper into the lion’s den

The Lord saw that I was down to the wire
He pulled me from the murky mire

I finished my education; it was a brand new day
God moved the obstacles that was blocking my way

I had to lay my parents down for their final rest
They instilled in me nothing but the best

I started my own business because of a willingness to try
It was all thanks to a sweet potato pie

But then came the time for the business to end
For God had my true calling at hand

He reminded me of the lesson that my parents taught
To take care of others and not leave them for naught

I wanted to understand what the homeless went through
I decided the only way was to become one too

With that, I founded a homeless organization
So that I could do my part to save the nation

You see my children, I been where you are
So don’t think my hand only reaches so far

There’s a lot going on under this St. John suit that’s more than a hat and purse to boot

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