Thursday, October 21, 2010


S--Soaring like an eagle through the obstacles of life
I--Igniting the Holy Ghost fire in my soul
N--Not my will, but God's will standing through the test of time
G--Gearing towards excellence in my life
L--Love of the Trinity working in me
E--Engraved in my heart the sacrifice that Christ made for me

I hope this helps those of you out there struggling with being single. This especially goes out to all of my beautiful black sistahs. It seems as though we, in particular, are getting bombarded with this. It's as if we're in need of being analyzed like some lab rats. I wrote this 4 years ago; little did I know that I wrote it for such a time as this.


  1. Being single's not so bad. People shouldn't get too bent out of shape because of it I think. :-)

  2. @Fickle Cattle Exactly!!!! Thanks for your comment. It's alright to want to be married, But don't get ahead of yourself. Wait for the right person.

  3. I like that part about "being analyzed like some lab rats"...some people act like single Black women have some type of condition that needs to be super analyzed. And they call that condition "attitude"! If such a condition actually existed, it should be referred to as patience.

  4. @DeShantell You feel me, right? Enough said.